You Us We All

Take a Baroque court masque (rich with fabulous wigs and costumes — and of course allegorical figures.) Add a heavy dose of pop culture (think Whitney Houston, Andy Warhol video of Edie Sedgwick, silver confetti, balloons.) Sprinkle with absolutely amazing vocals, text, and modern Baroque orchestration. Now shake it hard. Shake it even harder. If you are lucky, the result will be You Us We All, which I had the great pleasure of seeing at BAM’s Harvey Theater tonight. What a thrill! What a romp! (And yet it was touching in its humanity.) Shara Worden (playing Hope) has an extraordinarily lovely voice, and is also the enormously talented composer of this opera. It was a thrill to see Helga Davis perform as Virtue (I had first seen her in Einstein on the Beach at BAM in 2012.) Her performance this evening was mind-blowing. Martin Gerke (as Love), Bernhard Landauer (as Death), and Carlos Soto (as Time) were all amazing. Andrew Ondrejcak’s set, direction and design combined with Belgium-based B.O.X. (Baroque Orchestration X, directed by Pieter Theuns) added the icing to this rich, decadent treat of an evening. I honestly wish I could see it again.

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