Savannah Bay

This evening, the BAM Fishman Space was transformed into a white room. In that room, two women struggle to unearth the difficult truth of an event that occurred long ago. Savannah Bay was written by French feminist writer Marguerite Duras. Her works for theater are rarely performed in America, so this was a special treat (it was also fun to test my college French as I tried to follow the dialogue without looking at the English surtitles!) It was presented by Théâtre de l’Atelier, Paris and directed by Didier Bezace. Marie Vialle (the young woman) and Geneviève Mnich (the elderly woman) gave touching performances in this beautiful, poignant play about memory, loss and love. The constant opening and closing of the heavy curtains, however, was awkward and disruptive — even confusing. (Is it over? Oops! No, it is not!) This is such a fragile and sensitive play, I wish a lighter, less intrusive way of making the scene changes could have been used. Otherwise, this was a real gem. I am glad I saw it as part of my Next Wave Festival subscription.

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