Broadway Shows, The High Line & Fine Art!

Too much culture, too little time! Sometimes I simply cannot keep up. There is my day job, my community chorus, my art collective, my friends to see, my yoga class, my farm share, my food coop shift, my dishes to wash … you get the picture (and you probably juggle all that and more!) Anyhow,…

Burial Rites

“Up in the highlands blizzards howl like the widows of fishermen and the wind blisters the skin off your face. Winter comes like a punch in the dark. The uninhabited places are as cruel as any executioner.” ― Hannah Kent, Burial Rites

From The Mouth of the Whale

“I think you should read it just for the experience.” — my father, regarding the novel, From the Mouth of the Whale by Icelandic author, Sjón