I attended the first performance in my BAM 2015 Next Wave Festival subscription last Thursday evening. It was a dance performance by Finnish choreographer Kenneth Kvarnström’s dance company —  K. Kvarnström & Co — which is based out of Kulturhuset City Theatre in Stockholm. I chose it because it involved duct tape (really!) and live baroque music. I also love Nordic culture so that was an added plus. I arrived expecting a bit of a romp, and at times that’s exactly what I found. There were delightfully humorous moments when the dancers broke the fourth wall and spoke to us. There were dancers applying duct tape to the floor, which often constrained the movement. There were distinctive costumes designed by Astrid Olsson. There was gorgeous baroque music — lute, guitar, and theorbo — played onstage by Jonas Nordberg. What I loved most of all, however, was the exquisite choreography and the graceful talent of each and every one of the dancers. I also loved how the dancers interacted with Jonas as he played his instruments. The duct tape, in the end, felt more like an unnecessary gimmick. The performance could have held its own without it.

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