Punch Brothers & Sarah Jarosz at Celebrate Brooklyn

It was a dark and stormy night … but the show went on! I was so excited to see the Punch Brothers last night that I went to Celebrate Brooklyn after work, despite the threat of rain. All through Sarah Jarosz’s terrific set, the weather seemed to hold. Maybe a few sprinkles but nothing much to worry about. (Sarah’s voice, by the way, is absolutely gorgeous, and she seems to be skilled at many instruments. I was glad I made it there in time to hear her.) Well, the rain picked up when the Punch Brothers took the stage. Ever the troopers, we battened down our hatches and stayed. The rain gathered momentum — downpour is more like it. Still, a large portion of the audience persevered. There was thunder. There was lightning. Finally, people started leaving. I was drenched, but stayed very nearly until the end because the Punch Brothers are just that good. When I finally caved in and started the wet walk home, I was wowed by all the people who chose to stay until the bitter end. Wowed, but not surprised — because like I said, the band is just that good. (By the way, it took more than 24 hours for my purse, wallet and tote bag to dry out. And Brooklyn Public Library — sorry about the slightly warped cover of that book I returned!)

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