Broadway Shows, The High Line & Fine Art!

Too much culture, too little time! Sometimes I simply cannot keep up. There is my day job, my community chorus, my art collective, my friends to see, my yoga class, my farm share, my food coop shift, my dishes to wash … you get the picture (and you probably juggle all that and more!) Anyhow, sometimes I just cannot blog about everything, so what follows is a flurry of memorable spring/summer 2015 highlights: The Björk video, Stonemilker and Wael Shawky’s: Caberet Crusades at MoMA PS1; walking the High Line to the bitter end; and visiting the Whitney Museum of Art on Gansevoort Street at night with the city glittering at my feet. There were also two wonderful Broadway shows: Something Rotten (a fun romp through Shakespeare’s world) and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (the show is amazing, but please also read Mark Haddon’s fascinating book as well.) I also caught the Björk exhibit at MoMa. (I love her and I love Iceland but I was underwhelmed. The old videos that were looping were fun, tho.) I wish I had time to see Yoko Ono’s show. I heard it was great. That said, I was lucky enough to share these cultural adventures with my best friend from Ohio. As spring morphed into summer, I caught my talented choreographer/dancer friend Jamie Benson showcase a part of his work-in-progress FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) at Triskelion Arts’ terrific WAXworks program. This regularly occurring event is designed to help artists preview their works in front of live audiences in order to receive their respectful and instructive feedback.

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