Park Slope Singers

Park Slope SingersYet another weekend of excellent choral music from one of Brooklyn’s community choruses. This time it is the Park Slope Singers, under the expert direction of Ira Spaulding. This is my chorus, so I admit my bias right off the bat. We are really, really good. Don’t believe me? Come hear us some time. We do a winter and a spring concert each year. Better yet, come sing with us. I really mean it when I say that singing with others is healing. Nothing creates community more than singing with your neighbors. No matter where you live, there is probably a community chorus not too terribly far from you. Support them by attending their concerts and/or singing with them. You’ll feel better. Trust me.

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  1. A. G. Duffy says:

    I take your invitation as an invitation. I can sense the chorus from way over the pond, but I want to hear.


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