Royal Danish Ballet: Principals and Soloists

Wednesday evening found me in one of those NYC dilemmas that our rich — sometimes exhausting cultural options often present: I was glad to be where I was but also wished I could have been somewhere else at the same time. Where I was: a delightful performance by the principles and soloists of the Royal Danish Ballet. They presented an evening of dances by August Bournonville, a 19th-century Romantic period choreographer. True to the artistic intent of Bournonville and the Romantics, the dances were uplifting, the costumes were exquisite, and the dancers themselves were talented, charming and graceful. I liken the experience to my yearly holiday visit to Columbus, Ohio, when I rush to the original home of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. I purchase a “flight” of various flavors and reverently savor each one. The whole evening at the Joyce last night had the satisfying feel of a “flight” of dances — all different flavors and each one sweet and delicious. Where I wish I could also have been last night: at BAM to see the only performance of The Enchanted Wanderer by the Mariinsky Ballet. I was intrigued by it and look forward to reading the comments on BAM’s blog. I guess as far as dilemmas go, I can’t think of a better kind — too much to see and only one me!

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