Tom Gold Dance

Modern dance that focuses on classical training is my favorite combination. I am not a professional dancer, although I have danced. I am also not a scholar in cultural studies. I am just a Brooklynite with a passion for the arts, and when time and money allow, I see a lot of dance. It is most often the music that compels me to check out a dance company for the first time, and the recent Tom Gold Dance performance at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater on Wednesday, March 15, was no exception. As luck would have it, I won tickets in a Facebook drawing held by CUNY Dance Initiative. (Check them out on social media!) This was Tom Gold Dance’s Sixth Annual New York City Season, and we were treated to three dances: Served (music by Franz Schubert);  Oasis (music by John Zorn); and the world premiere of Counterpoint (music by Steve Reich.) Counterpoint was the absolute highlight of the evening: Meaghan Dutton O’Hara and Daniel Applebaum were outstanding. The choreography was exciting — as was the music, of course — and the dancers were tight and in synch. Timing is everything — and so difficult to achieve. There were moments in the other two performances that were a little off, and I only mention it because the dancers overall seem really talented — the choreography ambitious — and just a little bit more attention to synchronization and timing would take them to the next level. This is a dance company to keep your eye on, and I am grateful to CUNY Dance Initiative for putting them on my radar!

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