Green-Wood Cemetery Memorial Day Concert

Tradition dictates that if certain friends and I are in town, we amble over to Green-Wood Cemetery for their wonderful, old-fashioned Memorial Day concert. This year it was their 18th. The ISO Symphonic Band — under the direction of Brian P. Worsdale — conducts. There are always talented guest vocalists. Even the wild green parrots join in the chorus from their perches on their nests in the spires of the main building. (If you look closely you can see the nests in the photos here.) This year, the parrots seemed to particularly enjoy The Blue and the Grey Civil War Suite. I always enjoy the Armed Forces Salute, during which each veteran stands when their division’s anthem is played. Music from “permanent residents” like Leonard Bernstein is always performed. If you have never attended this concert, you should check it out next year. It is a wonderful community event and a perfectly fitting memorial for those we honor on this day.

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