Nadia Sirota & yMusic

What a super Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so perhaps we will have an early spring! And that is what it felt like this evening, as I enjoyed a balmy walk to Symphony Space to catch a fabulous performance that I did not actually intend to see. Violinist Nadia Sirota is currently in residency at Symphony Space, and has curated the Fuse Project — an exploration of innovative work that pushes boundaries across genres. This exciting festival runs February 1 – 11, and if I could, I would attend all of the events! Choosing just one was difficult, but I selected Icelandic composer, Valgeir Sigurdsson. He was going to perform music he composed for the documentary, Dreamland, about the exploitation of Iceland’s natural resources. Scenes from the film were to be shown as well. Alas, he had visa problems and Nadia had to make a last-minute change to the program. Luckily for us, yMusic stepped up and we were treated to a wonderful evening of thrilling new music by composers such as Son Lux, Sufjan Stevens, and Timo Andres. What superb musicians! What electric music! Nice save, Nadia — and thank you, Symphony Space, for calling all of the audience members in advance, to alert us to the program change. I know that was a lot of work, and it was much appreciated.

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