And so another exciting Next Wave Festival comes to a close — at least for me. I saw my final performance of the fall season last night at BAM. Sasha Waltz & Guests presented Continu, set to music by Edgard Varèse, Claude Vivier, Iannis Xenakis, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (A percussion piece by Xenakis was performed live by Robyn Schulkowsky.) Continu explores desire and the tensions between the individual and the group — between reason and emotion. Indeed, half of the piece was performed in a dark environment which even included an execution scene (which honestly made me uncomfortable in light of current events.) The other half of the piece was performed in a light space, and included dancers literally drawing with colored pigments on their feet as they navigated a white paper floor. My favorite moments were when the dancers moved as a mob. It was thrilling to watch. I was enthralled when the dancers were dancing alone as well. It was when they were in duets, trios or quartets — dancing in unison — that they failed to captivate. Their lines were never quite straight nor were their movements and gestures quite in sync. This may seem a nit-picking comment, but had there been just a bit more precision in those moments, it would have elevated the performance from terrific to sublime. No matter! The BAM audience gave the dancers three — maybe four — curtain calls? (I lost count. I was too busy clapping enthusiastically along with everyone else!)

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