Leesaar the Company, Ohad Naharin & Guest Dancers from Batsheva Dance Company

Someone once told me that you can judge a good music festival not only by the bands you were able to hear, but also by all the other ones you wish you could have been able to hear but you simply couldn’t be two places at the same time. As Celebrate Brooklyn winds down for the season, I am feeling that same way: for as many wonderful shows I was able to see, I missed just as many I wish I could have seen (most notably eighth blackbird and Alloy Orchestra.) Still, I have seen some great performances this summer. At $3 a show and with great food available to purchase from The Farm on Adderley, it’s the best night out in the ‘hood! Thursday evening was especially a treat because not only did I get to see two principle dancers from Batsheva Dance Company perform one of their founder’s pieces, I also had the pleasure of experiencing a new (for me) dance troupe called Leesaar. Both dance companies hail from Israel, and both use the Gaga technique that Batsheva’s founder, Ohad Naharin developed. I will be seeing Batsheva perform again this fall at the Joyce. I have no doubt it will be a very exciting performance (as I have written in a previous post, I only saw them for the first time last fall at BAM and was extremely impressed.) And I will be sure to keep Leesaar on my radar. Their performance in Prospect Park was almost liquid in its gracefulness while at the same time edgy and electric. Sometimes the dancers were weirdly robotic or spider-like and yet always with touching human emotion. It was this fluid human/robot/creature shape-shifting that had my complete attention the whole evening.

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