Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet

I just returned from BAM after attending one of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s farewell performances. I had only recently discovered this tremendously talented company and it saddens me that they have decided to fold. I understand this company was founded and funded by a Walmart heiress, and that this troupe actually had health and dental insurance (laudable) and yet they were fined for mistakes onstage (seriously?) so I can only guess what caused the company to shutter operations. I saw Program B and the highlights for me were the section of Indigo Rose set to John Cage music (thrilling use of shadow) and the whimsical Necessity, Again (with a table dance I will not soon forget.) The whole evening’s performances (including the creatively lighted Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue) were fabulous and I can only hope that somehow a miracle happens and the singular modern ballet company known as Cedar Lake somehow rises from the ashes.

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