Third Rail by Shakedown Dance Collective

Shakedown Dance CollectiveImagine that you are on the subway during your normal commute. Suddenly you hear music, and the passenger seated next to you starts dancing in his seat. The woman across from you joins him. The car becomes alive with the joy of sound and movement. You miss your stop. You don’t even care. The Shakedown Dance Collective created this kind of magic and more during their immersive performance called Third Rail, which they presented at the New York Transit Museum. The audience took a seat in an actual subway car — the Shakedown took it from there. They performed the dance twice that evening, and I watched both. Each experience of the piece was unique because I sat in a different seat to gain a new perspective on the action. The evening’s performance was part of the museum’s Platform series of cultural events related to the city’s incredible transit system. If you have never been to the museum, it is a true gem and especially fun for children of all ages. If you have never seen the Shakedown perform, you really should. And if you like them so much you wish you could dance with them yourself, you are in luck! You can! Co-choreographers and dancers, Jamie Benson and Deborah Lohse, lead this amazing collective of dancers of all ages and abilities in rehearsals on Monday nights at the Chrystie Street Ballet studio in Chinatown. Look for them on Facebook and go for it!

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