Nederlands Dans Theater 2

How do I describe this fabulous dance company? Each one of them had perfect balletic form and they often moved like restless urban creatures. Like zombies sometimes — especially in the very alien dance called Sara. Two of them even danced to a recording of Gertrude Stein reading her poem, If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso, in the work called Shutters Shut. (I learned during the artist talk afterwards that the dancers were charged with learning/creating one movement per word in that piece. It was an amazing feat.) There was a poignant dance that involved a red carpet (Subject to Change) and one piece theatrically danced to songs by Van Morrison (I New Then.) This was the first time I had seen this dance company perform. There is something about them — an almost twitching languid aliveness — that I am honestly having difficulty articulating. I want to see more. Someday, I hope I get the chance. I hope you do too.

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