On Behalf of Nature

I have had a hard time making up my mind what to say about tonight’s performance. Interestingly, eekahil’s comment on the BAM blog helps me. I, too, have seen a number of Meredith Monk performances — at BAM and at Danspace Project. I am very familiar with her movement and vocal style, and consider myself a fan. For some reason I am ambivalent about On Behalf of Nature. There were frequent moments when I felt quite moved by what I was hearing and seeing, but there were other times that felt a bit irritating and even repetitive (in the sense that it was nothing new for Meredith.) The concept was spot on for today’s day and age, but sometimes it felt kind of simplistic and predictable. And then something would happen to transcend that thought. It was on and off like that for me the whole performance. I will say, I absolutely loved Meredith’s concept for the costuming, and I think Yoshio Yabara did a fantastic job recycling and reinventing each performer’s own clothing for this show. That alone was worth attending. And honestly, that Meredith Monk is still creating new work and being inspired by such important themes makes it worth it too. Despite the moments this performance left me flat, I am still a fan and will still continue to follow her work. The moments she shone really did speak to me — and on behalf of nature, at that.

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