I always try to pick a few shows each Next Wave Festival that I know might be hit or miss. Oxbow by Ivy Baldwin was one such performance. There were moments that were hits: the wonderful set design of massive tree roots; the opportunity to be sitting so close to the dancers that you could hear their controlled breathing and the actual sounds of their bodies in motion; moments of memorable choreography such as the dancers laying on the ground in a row, rolling across the front of the stage in sensual fluidity. Misses: the choppy piano score and the overall unpolished feel of the choreography. That is not to say I thought it was bad — just that perhaps this is a piece that has not fully realized its potential. And that is exactly what I think BAM’s Fisher Building space is great for: giving promising creatives a chance to show their work and use the experience to further their craft. It takes a lot of courage to put a piece before an audience in such an intimate space, and I applaud and respect that. (And on a side note, it is always fun to walk into the Fisher’s black box space and see how it is configured differently for each show.)

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